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Dear Friends,

Friday the 16th, 2018 “I Want A Miracle” was released worldwide.
This song is very important to me.
Few of you know this, but I’ve been fighting cancer for many years now ...
I’ve had cancer 9 times in 30 years! Remissions and relapses. The one I am fighting this time around will be the last, since I know for sure; my days are numbered.
That is why “I Want A Miracle” is not just another song… it is a bit of hope for all those fighting cancer.
I’ve decided to donate all the proceeds from “I Want A Miracle” sales to the Kidney Cancer Association, with whom my physician, Dr Escudier, from the Gustave Roussy Institute, is affiliated.
Whether you are buying or streaming this song, your support will give deeper meaning to a phrase that I love and has enabled me to enjoy life to its fullest.

“Music is a Therapy” and… I Want A Miracle ! (Click to buy and help Kidney Cancer Association)

- Fred Rister

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I want a miracle

I want a miracle

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